On Learning about Workers in France via Revolutionaries in India

Recently BannedThought posted a document by the CPI (Maoist) from March, 2023 proclaiming solidarity with the worker’s movements around the world, in particular in France. The document is a radiant example of internationalism, in which the movements in France, and even in the United States are described in the context of the sharpening of the fundamental global contradiction “between ever more social production and ever more private appropriation.”

The note sharpened my attention on the situation last year in France, and the movement against the so-called Pension Reform policy that increased the retirement age from 62 to 64 years old, a mobilization we are told included “3.5 million protesting workers took to the streets across France and 1 million alone in Paris.”

Such a scale of solidarity for a worker’s struggle seems unlikely at present in the U.S., though as the document points out, the contradictions are sharpening, and we are seeing a rise in worker’s organization and strikes in the U.S.

How hopeful it is that at this moment comrades in India, including those from the ranks of the adivasis as well as the urban working class can help raise the heights of those struggling in the western imperialist nations. France is not so far away, and India is not either. 3.5 million workers took to the streets that we scarcely heard about here, how many million more have joined hands in struggles across the world that do not get promoted by the algorithms of social media? How many hundreds of millions dream a common dream of overcoming the present horrors of the world?

A world to win seems closer within our grasp.